Hair salon’s interior design

You may sometimes wonder, why some hair salons succeed, while others absolutely fail. Well, the first thing that comes to our mind is that the services offered in such salons weren’t really good, as maybe the hairdressers there weren’t skilled or talented enough. But it is not necessarily true. Sometimes, one of the reasons why the hair salon doesn’t attract clients is because it simply doesn’t look appealing to them. That is why, it’s so important to pay attention to every single detail of the interior design of your hair salon.

Welcome your clients with the style

First impression matters and you should take it into consideration while designing the reception and waiting room in your hair salon. These are the first rooms that every client sees when he or she enters the salon, so they should look really nice. That way the client will be more willing to make an appointment.

The reception desk must be located in the center, so everybody can see it right away. Nobody likes to wander around a new place and seek information. That particular piece of furniture should be neat and aesthetic, but its style should also go with the rest of the equipment. 

In the waiting room there need to be some furniture where the clients can rest while waiting for their turn. If you really want to save money, you may buy chairs, but even small sofa will be a much better idea. It is more comfortable, and clients definitely appreciate it, as they can spend time sitting on a cosy furniture. There should also be a room for a coffee table. You may put some magazines on it to keep your clients entertained. Don’t forget about the hanger so people can leave their coats or jackets on it.

proffesional equipment for hair salon

Professional equipment

The next thing is the equipment which is used while serving the clients. It has to be of the highest quality and it also has to be stylish. Both backwashers and hairdressing chairs need to be really comfortable. These are the pieces of furniture on which your clients spend most time during a visit, so make sure that they will feel cosy. Nowadays, there are hundreds of various models of such equipment, so you may find something that will go with the style of the whole hair salon. In this case, you shouldn’t try to save any money, as buying a good quality professional equipment is an investment that will definitely pay off.

You should also try to find the matching styling units with big mirrors. For the hairdressers’ convenience, they should also be equipped with some kind of shelves or drawers to store all necessary accessories.


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