How to design the hairdresser`s salon?

Modern hair salons are designed on something along the lines to the original cafes or full of avant-garde night clubs. Design of salon can be reflection of prestige, talent and popularity. Nowadays the appearance of salon has the same importance like the quality of provided services.

The most popular arrangement styles in hair salons are: -glamour; -rock; -rustic; -minimal; -modern; -industrial; -retro.

Current fashion shouldn`t be the indicator, when choosing style. The private preferences are always worth to consider. The hair salon should be place, where customers and employees will feel comfortable and satisfied. Before anything is planned and decided, it is good to consider available space. When the owner will not decide to do the overhaul and distribute wiring and plumbing, it is necessary to consider the position of electric socket and water supply.

Good arrangement is particularly essential in small sized spaces.

The size of hair salon has influence on zones:

hairstyle salon design

  • Waiting room zone- a place created for those customers who are waiting their turn. Essential are: comfortable sofas, armchairs and coffee table and next to it newspaper`s holder with catalogues. It is required to have clothes hander or wardrobe, where clients can leave their personal belongings;
  • Reception zone – the main element is professional reception point, where receptionist is answering the phone calls and signing client’s appointment. Reception desk should be big enough to fit in computer, cash register and agenda;
  • Workstation zone – the most important are comfortable hairdresser`s armchair, consoles, shelf and helpers, where all necessary accessories are stored. The work stations cannot be too close each other. The type of console should depend on the conditions offered by the interior. Free-standing ones are great solution for big interiors, but in small salons it is good to have hairdressing console installed into the walls;
  • Washing zone – necessary here the professional, good looking and above all functional and comfortable for customer wash. Small salons are using free-standing wash with attached seat. 


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