How to set up the hairdresser’s salon? – Essential furniture’s elements, part I

If you are a young hairdresser and you have finished your school recently, you are probably dreaming about your own business which will give you the huge profits. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy at all. There are lots of questions how to design the salon to make it well prepared and reach the expectation.

There are regulations which say how the studio exactly has to look like to be the safe and hygienic place. The rules say how large area should be allocated for one employer.  The walls to 1,6 meters height, have to be covered by material which is easy to clean. Obviously, you have to have cold and hot water in your hairdresser’s studio. You should also remember about the locker room, the waiting room and the place to care about the hygiene.  There has to be a place to keep the cosmetics and the laundry.  You also have to have the elements to clean up during the hairdresser’s work. It’s worth to know about it all before you decide to choose concrete local and buy the equipment.

Hairdresser’s equipment is the most important!

reception hairdresser

You need more than only the scissors. You have to buy hairdresser’s accessory. This market is getting more and more developed.  It is worth to get know the range of equipment and choose the best models. You shouldn’t buy the furniture which wasn’t produced to use in the hairdresser’s salon because it doesn’t help the hairdresser at work.

The accessory

The reception is one of the most important places in the hairdresser’s salon. When the customer comes to our studio, reception is the first place witch he can see. That’s why it’s so significant to care about it. It should be esthetic and it can’t be too small. You can also buy the special stools when the client can sit. It will make hairdresser’s work easier. You have to remember that there are a lot of elements like that. You should care about all of them.  Only this way you can design the hairdresser’s studio which will be functional and foolproof.


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