How to set up the hairdresser’s salon? – Essential furniture’s elements, part II

Styling units

The styling unit consists of the table, the locker and the mirror. They’re unusually functional and provide the comfort for the hairdresser during his work. The companies which produce that kind of equipment have a lot of interesting objects in their offer.  There are new colors and patterns so you can choose this one which goes with your studio’s design.

device salon

Hairdresser’s chair

Today you can’ have just the usual chair or the stool in your salon. It’s worth to think about buying the professional hairdresser’s chair.  Nowadays the companies produce chairs with comfortable features and it is worth to buy one of them. The hairdresser’s wash is the solution which is getting more and more popular in Poland.  There was the time when the hairdresser’s use just normal stool and silk to wash the customer’s hair. Today we have the professional hairdresser’s washes which make the client feel comfortable. The chairs are very well prepared and they are adapted for hair washing.

Comfort furniture

​It’s worth to care about the employees' work conditions. You have to provide them the equipment with the cubbyholes and drawers.  It’s important to care about the tidiness in the studio. You also have to care about the appropriate, professional cosmetics.  If your employees have high quality cosmetics their work will be better and more effective. It’s worth to invest in the best products.

The vibe

It doesn’t matter which trade you are in – the atmosphere is very significant thing and you ought to devote time to create it. There are a lot of ways to care about the vibe in the hairdresser’s studio. You can arrange some kind of exhibition or use the decorations. If your salon’s atmosphere is special and unique, the customers will come back and choose your services once again.


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