Styling unit as a basis equipment of any station in salon

Styling unit has a mirror, often also a stand with drawers or cabinets. Thank to that the customers can observe the hairdresser’s work and enjoy the results. Styling unit sometimes has only the mirrors without any extra furniture.

High quality, modern design

In this case, the pioneers in the production of equipment for hairdressing salons are unbeatable when it comes to the quality and quantity of their products. Styling unit costs from several hundred to several thousand.  This wide range of prices lets the owners choose from very various models of styling units. There are simple and complex models, those that are modern and stylized from the old era.  They are colored and black, large or small. What’s more, all of them have different cabinets, drawers and shells. Every hairdresser’s   salon’s owner can easily find something that not only suits his tastes, but also matches the studio’s design.

console hairdresser

The standard styling unit or the stylized furniture

If you decide to buy a styling unit for your hairdresser’s studio, you can choose between different models. However, you have to remember that functionality is much more important than the appearance. Styling unit should be equipped with a large mirror to enable the customer to see his haircut. Decorations on the mirror can’t occult the reflection. The perfect solution is to locate light bulbs or LEDs above or around the mirror. Thanks to that the hairdresser has provided better working conditions and reflection in the mirror is more visible. Of course you have to check if the mirror doesn’t have any defects. It’s perfect if has a frame.

Hairdresser’s salon is a place of work. Mirror should have a solid frame to guarantee the safety for the hairdressers and the customers. If you decide to buy the mirror with a stand, you have to choose the one which is truly functional.


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