What should you know about styling units?

The design of the hairdressing salon is a very important matter. Many people and even hair salons’ owners don’t realize that it is one of the crucial criteria on the basis of which the clients choose the hairdresser’s. That is why, during the process of designing our own hair salon, we need to make sure that every single element of it is buttoned up. That is true also when it comes to the choice of the hairdressing furniture and equipment. You need to think everything through and made the right decisions if you want to success.

Styling units – are they important?

One of the elements of the design of the hair salon, which is usually in the central part of it, is a styling unit. Some people think that it is not very important for the general look of such space, but it is not true. As a matter of fact, styling units can improve or completely ruin the design of the hair salon, so you should be really careful while choosing such element to your own hairdressing salon.

There are many different models of styling units available on the market right now. Some hair salons’ owners prefer those which you can hang on the wall, while others choose standalone ones. They may have various sizes, shapes, colours and styles, so you can easily find the model that will meet your expectations. 

styling units

However, you should always remember that such units need to be functional, and in some way help hairdressers do their job. That is why, many people choose styling units which are equipped with drawers, shelves or tables. Thanks to them, the hairdresser may easily put away some accessories and devices used during their work.

Of course, the styling unit must also be equipped with a mirror of the proper size. This is the central and as a matter of fact the most important part of the styling unit. It should be a good quality mirror with a great reflection and no defects. It is also recommended to choose the mirrors with the light bulbs or LED’s placed around or above it. The styling unit mirror should also have a frame. Thanks to that it looks much better, and what is more we get the guarantee that it is safe for the clients and employees.

As you may see, styling unit is definitely one of the most important elements of the hairdressing salon. It allows the clients to observe what exactly is the hairdresser doing and somehow control his work. On the other hand, it is also a very handy piece of furniture, on which the hairdresser may place his most necessary accessories. So before choosing one model, think carefully what do you really need.


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