Styling units in hairdresser salon

The hairdresser’s styling unit is one of the most important elements in each hairdresser’s salon. If you decide to buy a styling unit it’s worth to choose this one which significant features are: high quality, functionality and the huge appeal. They’re attributes of professional hairdresser’s styling unit. It must be said that the styling units models which are described below are very carefully and soundly made. What’s more, they guarantee the highest comfort not only for the customers but also for the hairdresser. I will present three models of styling units which with no doubt will work out in every professional hairdresser’s studio.

Ayala’s styling units

Let’s start from the Ayale Bona which is available on 48h store. It’s made from the highest quality materials. It’s unique because of the very esthetic appearance. Thanks to this model, every hairdresser’s salon will look tasty, elegant and glamorous.

It’s also worth to say about the Reflection III styling unit, which is likewise available on 48h store. It’s made from furniture board in two colors: black and white. It’s equipped with a shelf and a double slot.

AYALA hairdresser furniture

The Carmen styling unit is another model which is soundly and excellent made. The frame is made from the dark slab. It also has a shelf in the same color. This unit features are simplicity and elegant. It makes this model a really beautiful element of every hairdresser’s salon.

The Amelia console has really sophisticated and dapper appeal. It’s an excellent way to enrich the design of hairdresser’s salon. This model has the chromium and nickel frame and the footstool. Thank for that the customer feels comfortable and handily during the hairdresser’s work.


In turn, if you look for a modern model manufacture, it’s worth to check the Panda Broadway.


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